Questions to ask when replacing your conservatory roof

Choosing to replace your conservatory roof can be a big commitment and an important decision when it comes to improving your conservatory; whether you want to update the exterior or you want a more comfortable living space with an ambient temperature, the SupaLite Lightweight Solid Tiled Roof is the way to do it.
You may have already done your research and know all about the service we provide and the qualities of SupaLite Tiled Roofs. If you haven’t, or there is anything you are unsure of, we have put together a guide and tips on what questions to ask our expert team when the time comes.
How does a SupaLite Conservatory Roof work?
This technology is the latest from the SupaLite Conservatory Roof System, and is a totally different concept to the glass and polycarbonate roofs that most conservatories were originally built with – you may be impressed! Here at Storm our SupaLite conservatory roofs are insulated and made from high quality material. The roof is designed to replace the existing glass or polycarbonate roof of your conservatory while retaining the original windows, doors, frames and walls. At the same time providing substantial energy cost savings. A member of our team will be able to fully explain the composition of our SupaLite Tiled Roofs and answer any questions you have about the materials.

Do you need planning permission?
Generally a new SupaLite conservatory roof does not require planning permission but we can assist you with these kind of questions. The roof does require Building Regulations which Storm Double Glazing handles as part of their service.
How long will it take to build a SupaLite Conservatory Roof?
Once you have begun the process of having your SupaLite Conservatory Roof installed, our team will be able to give you an estimate of how long the work should take. We want to ensure the work is carried out with minimal disruption to you and your usual routine. Our professional team work promptly and efficiently to make sure the process is as smooth as can be. We aim to install your SupaLite conservatory roof in as short a space of time as possible dependent on weather conditions and complexity.
What finishes can I have on my roof?
We understand that the exterior style of your conservatory roof is important to you and can vary depending on your taste. We offer 2 types of tile finishes in different colours for you to choose from. Either the Extralight zinc coated steel tile, or the Tapco synthetic slate tile. Both are lightweight yet sturdy and can withstand heavy rains and snow and strong winds and have a 40year guarantee.

You can work with our team to design your perfect conservatory roof to ensure it looks exactly how you would like.
When it comes to your conservatory roof, you want to make sure you are receiving a high quality product with a great service. These questions are hopefully a guide to help you learn more from our team of trusted employees and ensure you are clued up and making the right decision. For more information contact Storm.