Is my conservatory suitable for a solid tiled roof?

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Many homeowners who have had a conservatory built will understand the ups and downs that come with it. For instance, the glass roof may work wonders when the sun is shining; but when the sun’s been streaming in for 6 hours, the room turns into an uncomfortably hot greenhouse. This results in shutting the doors on your conservatory and not getting as much use out of it as you’d like.
Likewise, a lot of people who have a conservatory wish that it felt more integral to their home, instead of a glass structure that was added on as an afterthought.

With so many people looking for a solution, many different questions crop up in the process to ensure they are making the right choice. One of the most popular ways to improve both the appearance and interior condition of your conservatory to have a solid tiled roof installed. However, this doesn’t come without its concerns and doubts. The biggest question; is your conservatory suitable for a solid tiled roof?
Can my conservatory have a solid tiled roof?
If you’re hoping to improve your conservatory, you’ll no doubt have a few questions about what is possible. Many people hoping for a solid tiled roof worry that their conservatory frames aren’t strong enough to withstand the weight.
The beauty of a tiled roof is that it’s actually engineered to be a lightweight structure, sitting perfectly in place of your glass or polycarbonate roof. Based on an aluminium frame with lightweight, insulated layers, a solid tiled roof is not synonymous with a heavy duty structure. This composition means it can be installed on existing conservatories with no problem.

What is a cladover roof?
One of the pitfalls when it comes to investing in a solid tiled roof, is falling for the trap of a cladover roof. A cladover roof is essentially a makeshift roof using timber, insulation material, plasterboard and tiles that are constructed sometimes without removing the original conservatory roof.
Often the companies offering this type of roof don’t have the correct Building Control certificates, and your conservatory will be in a constant state of danger; the structure could simply buckle under the weight of the roofs. A cladover roof may be much cheaper, but it’s no solid tiled roof and won’t give you the same result.
What are the benefits of a solid tiled roof?
A solid tiled roof can be built on to any size or shape of conservatory; even if you’ve had a bespoke conservatory made for your home. Thanks to this, even the most unique of conservatories can benefit from the insulating properties of a tiled roof. For this reason alone, any conservatory is suitable for a solid tiled roof.
There are a variety of colours and styles of tiles to choose from, so you can match the existing part of your home. This makes your conservatory feel like an essential part of your house; not an afterthought or last minute extension. As well as the impressive insulating properties, a solid tiled roof is stylish and contemporary so that you can bring your conservatory into the 21st century.
So, if you’re looking to invest in a solid tiled roof to improve your conservatory, contact us today and let us help!